Saturday, November 11, 2006


I have quite mixed feelings re. the very concept of "supporting our troops".

I have no animosity or negative feelings towards my fellow citizens who serve in the military. I wish them all to be safe & well.

I do have serious misgivings about the fact that my country has, without question, the most powerful military apparatus in the history of the world. This at a time when there is no enemy/competitor who can effectively provide a counter to this force.

Even in Iraq, where our soldiers are dying daily; it is such an uneven battle that it provokes nothing but hatred & disdain by much of the world.

We have wasted the political capitol that a powerful military can provide a nation. We are showing ourselves as self-righteous invaders & mass murderers under the guise of "liberators".

We are sacrificing our own children while we create fanatics among the children of our "adversaries".

I would suggest that the way to honor our troops would be to:

1. Apologize for our arrogance & hubris to the victims of our acts. Admit we were wrong. Ask for forgiveness, not for our own sake, but so that they can move ahead & rebuild their lives.

2. CUT our losses and RUN as fast as possible from this quagmire of our own creation.

3. Take the vast supplies of weapons which we will leave behind and spread them among every household in Iraq so that during the chaos which will ensue upon our departure, some of its worse effects might be held off by an "equally" armed citizenry: as it is obvious that the disarming of Iraqi citizens (by both Saddam & ourselves) is a major cause for the success of the death squads; most of whom appear to be rogue police, army & militia members with access to weapons that prey on unarmed civilians.

While this is hardly a "good" solution, I doubt any solution could be "good". This might be the best solution possible. There is no question that we need to stop digging the hole we are in any deeper.


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